In light of recent comments i thought it necessary to post about some of the cool stuff that i've been involved with lately. (although this will be no where near as good for my hunt for more comments and readers :p)

So it's with this in mind that i write this post about our end of year youth camp. It was a combined camp with another local Anglican church here in Hobart and it was great fun. It was also my last hurrah as the youth coordinator/minister/pastor/intern at Cross-Eyed. So that made the weekend even more special for me.

It was truly an awesome thing to encourage all the youth who have become dear to me to make a stand and say "Jesus is Lord". I think most of the crew on camp took steps forward in where they are at in their thinking and relationship with Jesus. I hope and pray they will continue on strongly in the coming years.

Camp was also lots of fun. Unfortunately i had to run off to a friends wedding on the Saturday, but I still managed to join in and have a great time. I've got some pictures from camp below! Check them out!