Ok to understand this post you need to read an article i read first. Click here to read the article.

I think this person has his expectations a little high. When Jesus was on earth, he was mocked, beaten and killed. And he was killed in a most humiliating way. It seems to me to make perfect sense that 2000 years later people would make similar comments about him (although it seems this history professors comments may not have even been that bad).

You can't expect to follow Jesus and not be insulted for your faith. To demand otherwise is out of selfish pride or some other mixed up emotion. Not out of a desire to serve God. Jesus said that his followers would be persecuted and suffer. I thank God that i live in Australia and that means the persecution is nothing compared to my brothers and sisters overseas. This person in America might be wise in simply doing the same. Not taking people to court. I find his actions more disgraceful than the teacher who said something nasty in the first place.