So i stumbled my way onto one of the local Anglican churches websites here in Hobart today and was bemused by many things i read.

This is how they had branded their church

"All Saints...Anglican Worship in the Catholic tradition"

Now i could be misunderstanding their meaning, but I'm not exactly certain how you can have "Anglican Worship in the Catholic tradition"!

For starters (and i'm by no means an expert) i thought that the Anglican church was founded because the catholic tradition in the 1600s was corrupt, unbiblical and irrelevant (still in latin, even though no one in England spoke it). So i'm unsure as to why this is a claim to be proud of.

Secondly, i'm not sure a church is meant to exist purely, or even primarily, for the purpose of worship. Worship to me is an all of life thing. A person who only worships God on a Sunday and doesn't not "offer their body as a living sacrifice" surely does not please God. The church i think is meant to equip us for a life devoted to God and the gospel.

However, that is merely a secondary point. I am just struck by the bizareness of the statement, ""All Saints...Anglican Worship in the Catholic tradition", it seems to me something like saying "McDonalds...healthy eating in the unhealthly tradition". It just makes no sense. You might as well just be honest and say, "McDonalds... its unhealthy". Perhaps this church should say "All Saints Anglican Church...we are actually Catholics".