Well, its the first day of the year 2008 and I'd just like to wish the world a happy new year!

This is going to be a big year for me. In two days time (Thursday) i'm getting in my car, leaving Hobart and driving to Devenport. Then, the next day (Friday) at 9am, i'm sailing on the Spirit of Tasmania boat out of Devenport and over to Melbourne to start life over there. A week after i get there, i start my new job. As Youth Minister at Holy Trinity Doncaster Anglican Church. Then about a month after that i start my new degree, a Masters of Divinity which i'll be studying through Ridley College. So it's going to be a year of big changes for me, lots of hard things, but i'm sure lots of good and exciting things too. I think it will definitely be a year where i learn to rely on God more!

But perhaps with the beginning of my study and new work will come far more interesting and intelligent posts on my blog! So keep your fingers crossed!!