Here are some pictures of the church that i am now the Youth Minister at...
This is the old church... you may recognise it because it is the church that the telivision show Neighbours use whenever they need to have a church building. So Kylie Minouge got married to Jason Donovan in the wedding of the 20th century in this church about 20 years ago ;)
This is the main entrance to the complex. You can see the old church on the left. There are some offices at the front here and the rest are right around the back.
This photo shows how the church has extended the old church with a 300 seat new church of the back of it. It actually works quite well i think. So, on the right of the bell tower type thing is the old church and on the left is the new church.
These are our church tennis courts... i'm not sure why we have church tennis courts but when there is as much land as this church has i guess you have to fill it up with something. I'm yet to have a hit on them.
And this is the church tennis courts clubhouse. Also on the church grounds... what tennis courts are not complete without their own clubhouse i ask???

This is the house that the chinese minister and his wife live in. It is also just in the middle of our grounds here. It hides away quite nicely though.
This photo is taken after i treaked down to the bottom of the church property. If you look closely you can see the chinese ministers house to the left. Straight ahead and slightly to the right is the church complex. But its nearly impossible to see. This is just to give you some idea of the amount of land that there is!
Also on the property are a bunch of sheds that we store stuff in. This particular one is the CEBS shed. It has a heap of stuff inside it. Including kyaks and an air hockey table.
This is the back of the new church. They have tried to keep it along the same theme as the old church from the outside i think. There is a little memorial garden in front of this part. Just to the left of this is the hall and then some more offices.
To the right of this photo is the church. This is where some more offices are located and a couple of meeting rooms. My office is also in this area.

The next three pictures are of my office. I'm very lucky in this job because i get a whole office all to myself!

These next two photos are of the hall. It's just your kinda standard hall really... good for youth activities.

This next picture is what greets you as you walk in the enterance to the main church complex. It's called the Pickering Room. It's kinda like an all purpose, breakout room come church cafe type thing.
The next 3 pictures are of the inside of the church.
This is the inside of the new church looking down from near the communion table. To my left when i took this picture was a real piano and a drumkit.
This is the new church looking from the back near the sound desk area. Looks a lot like a church, but very tasteful in its design i think.
This picture is taken from almost the exact same position as the one before it. However this time i have turned around. I am now facing the old church (aka the Neighbours church).
And finally. This church has a cry room! Which people sit in, look through the glass and allows you to hear the service (both the people in the cry room, and those who aren't). It is the greatest part about this new church compared to BayWest ;)

I have more photos to post, but i'd better go and do some work now. They will come at a later date.