I was reading the news on the internet today and stumbled across three rather interesting stories. (If you're offended by swear words, first of all I think you've probably lived in a Christian buble too long because I don't think I've met anyone who isn't a Christian who wouldn't litter almost every 3rd or 4th sentence with at least one swear word, anyway apologies, I've quoted some people and they swore.)

Back to the news... The first story I read, was about some of the small problems facing Barrak Obama as he starts campaigning to become the first intelligent President the USA has seen in 8 years! Anyway, some crazy idiot is claiming to have had a homosexual encounter with him about 15 years ago. This crazy idiot called a press conference and his lawyer came with him. His lawyer was wearing a kilt... When one of the journalists present asked him why he was wearing a kilt the lawyer replied...
"It has to do with genitalia. If you are on the smaller side, then pants are not uncomfortable."
Classic! Read the story here.

Secondly, a bunch of school girls in the US made a pact to get pregnant and raise their kids together. Imagine being the Youth Minister in that city! Read the story here.

Finally, Gordon Ramsey (the celbritiy chef who fixes bad resturants and makes quite interesting tv) is in Australia just as at the same time as some are asking for a senate inquiry into coarse language on TV. If you haven't seen Ramsey's show then you wont know that he drops the F bomb every minuite or so. Anyhow, he was asked about what he thought abotu swearing and his show and he replied with this:

"I don't mean to swear, it's just the muppets I have to work with sometimes. We have a good day where things run to total perfection but throw a donkey in the mix and, yeah, you're in the shit.

"The minute you start running the kitchen like it's some form of limp dick society, trust me, get out.

"I want to run a proper kitchen with a pair of bollocks, not stand there and wish everybody a Merry Christmas and pat them on the back every time they do a good job.

"It's high pressure, high energy and, more importantly, real - that's how we keep it every day.''

You can read the original story here...