Even though I've moved to Melbourne I like to keep up with the latest happenings in the local newspaper The Mercury. Yesterday, they had an article about a family that through a series of unfortunate events has been living in a broken down car on the Devonport foreshore for 5 months!! They've also had a dog and 6 puppies living with them in this car. To read the story click here. Perhaps this family could have done more to help themselves, who knows, however the thing to note when reading this stories is the comments. I noticed yesterday that they were quite harsh on this family, and indicated people cared more for the plight of the dog than the children or parents!! For example:
"Under no circumstances should the poor dog and her puppies be returned to these irresponsible people. If they're in such dire straits, why would they get a dog?? And then let her have puppies?? It frightens me to think that these people are the future of our country. I'd say there's more to the story about the 'friend' trashing their housing commission house. What a disgusting family. Please please please RSPCA, rehome the dog and her puppies in loving homes, rather than go back to these hideous people."

"These people are too dumb to accept offers of help because they like to play the part of the victim. I'm just thankful someone was smart enough to take the dogs away from them..."
The Mercury did a follow up story today about the harshness of the comments. Surely someone should give them a place to bed down for a while...? Click here to read it