My phone died, and so I had to get a new one. It's a Nokia E71

It is great. It sync's with my computer. Has a calendar in it that works (bye, bye paper diary) which i'm using to increase my efficiency. It can go online, check my email on the run, and has GPS built in so that I can navigate around this big city that is Melbourne. I'm actually using my phone a lot more since I've upgraded to a phone that doesn't frustrate me. NEVER EVER GO NEAR ANY PHONE MADE BY ZTE. I had a ZTE 850 and it was the worst phone that has ever been made. (It is reviewed here too) I'm very happy to have a Nokia again. They are just very smart phones. See the Nokia website for more details.

I also ditched Telstra and moved to Three (3). Essentially Telstra just kept lying to me about a whole range of things. When I signed up nearly two years ago they lied about what was included in their cap. Then when I went to sign up for their internet they lied about how cheap I could get connected for in my new house. Then they lied about how much it would cost me to cancel my contract early. I have never dealt with a more inept company in my life. Avoid Telstra at all costs is my advice.

That's me doing my bit for consumer fightback against the big companies!