Tomorrow is my first youth camp in my job here at Holy Trinity.  I'm speaking and writing the studies as well as running/admining the camp.

This has combined to make me very very busy over the last week and a half.  Unhelpfully I also had an assignment due in this week which took a day to finish off.

Please pray for us.  There are people who don't know Jesus coming on camp who aren't very plugged in to our youth ministry.  This is an awesome opportunity!  I'm praying for God to save them this weekend, or at the very least I'm hopeful that the camp will be the start of good relationships with these people that allow us to have some fruitful conversations in the future!

There is a group of burmese refugee's coming on camp.  This is through our Vicar's connections with Burma.  There is a church being run for some very poor Burmese people not too far from our church.  We are paying for them to come on camp.  This should be a great experience for them.  But I'm unsure of what language or cultural issues there might be on camp.  Pray that they fit in well with our youth!

Thank God for his provision.  I have been stressed about a number of things.  Hiring of busses, not going backwards on camp costs (especially not on my first camp in a new church!!).  God has provided generous people to pay for all sorts of things, meaning we can keep our camp costs down.  At this stage it looks like I'll have enough to subsidise some of next years camp.

We are going to Phillip Island (around 2hrs south of Doncaster), so prayer for good weather would also be appricated.  If it rains a lot then our camp could be considerably less fun!!

Pray for me.  I've worked very hard to get this camp ready.  I've had to sacrifice my days off.  I know God will give me enough energy for the weekend, but I know the tank will be empty come Monday afternoon.  I will need God to give me a few good days rest after camp to recharge and recuperate.  I'm looking forward to that!