See my day 1 wrap up here

So I woke up after sleeping very very well!  My notes were a little bit less today however and I think I was a little brain dead from quite a full on day previously.

The first session was by the principal of Youthworks, Graham Stanton.  He talked about Youth Ministry and Parents.  He tried to give an outline of family responsibility in the OT, how that stayed the same or was different in the NT and therefore what the responsibility of families is in the 21st century!  He may end up putting up the notes on the Youthworks Good stuff section.

Then we broke up into small groups for workshps again.  The first one i went to was a guy called Dave Miles talking about the way he had structured his young adults and his senior youth into small groups which released people into gift-orientated ministry.  He has emailed me through his handbooks, which I need to look at more closely to see if they could be of use to us at HTD.  It seemed like things were going really well and God was really at work in his congregations.

The other workshop i went to was by Andrew Thorburn, who works at youthworks helping people do high school ministry.  This was what the workshop was about.  It was really good to chat with other youth workers who were trying to reach out to their local high schools.  I found it encouraging to be affirmed with some of the work we have done at Holy Trinity through Mustard in reaching out to our local high school.

The final speaker at the conference was Michael Jensen, the son of the Arch-Bishop of Sydney Peter.  He gave a sort of sermon/talk on 2 Tim 2:8-13.  To be honest, I was at full brain capacity by this stage, and this seemed to be more theological than it was practical so I can't remember much of what he said.  His talk was good though and I think he ended up giving some sort of make sure you stand on the gospel of Jesus Christ and nothing else kind of exhortation!  Which is always good to get.

That wrapped up the conference... Certainly the highlight for me was catching up with some old Tassie friends and getting to chat pretty extensively with Tim Hawkins (See day 1 post) about my ministry here in Melbourne.  I felt refreshed, it was a bit like a holiday that wasn't a holiday.  I got out of my context and got to recharge my brain.  I am going to try and make sure I get to at least 1 interstate conference thing every year from now on.

The other thing I did was be a bit touristy.  I stayed in Sydney for one extra day after the conference and hung out with the Tassie crew.  We went to the powerhouse museum and also ate some weird chicken feet and pigs ears for dinner in Chinatown.  See the photos below...

The powerhouse museum had this cool transport section

Jono and Gene got a bit bored I think...

Why not hang a helicopter from the roof?

Gross gross chicken legs... I didn't try one... wimp i know...

The Sydney Opera house, we had a couple of beers in a bar that overlooked this... pretty nice!