I find it very hard to operate sometimes because I have so many unanswered questions in my head!  These are some youth ministry related questions I am going to try and work through over the coming months...

Feel free to give me your answer before I give mine, you may save me a lot of thinking pain!

  1. Are youth ministries essentialy just competeing with each other?
  2. Is there are such thing as too much bible study? - especially if you are young
  3. What does effective mentoring look like?  How do you do that with a high school aged person?
  4. Is there a theology of youth ministry? Or is it just our theology of church that affects how we should think about what the bible says about how we do youth ministry?
  5. What would your standard Friday night youth program look like (for years 7-10 and VCE aka 11-12 students)?
  6. How do you get youth to participate in bible study?
  7. How do you promote ownership of the youth ministry by the young people who attend?
  8. Can a youth ministry set the agenda for the mission and strategy of the church in which it operates?
  9. What is a Youth Minister supposed to do anyway?
  10. How should a church juggle the many different demands of all the different congregations and groups that seek it's attention? What priority should be given to youth ministry?  How do you ensure that the right priority is given to youth ministry given many of the key players (aka youth) are too young to participate in church activites (i.e Annual Meetings, Parish Council)?
I may add more later...