I was reading this blog, which talks about thinking through what things you will teach over a year in a Youth Ministry.

I have to say that as I wrap up my first year at Holy Trinity this Friday night, One of my reflections is that it is hard to work out what to study and teach the youth. It is also difficult to work out how much control I should keep over what is taught, and how much I should hand over to the small group leaders.

Working out what to teach is difficult because it requires a lot of thought and prayer. Then coming up with studies or finding good studies that have already being written takes a lot of time.

Working out who should have control is difficult because I can see pros and cons for me being the arbitrary decider and for the youth leaders who know the youth better having much more input (I probably lean towards this option). However, if I do that, then I need to be thinking about how do I train the youth leaders in leading studies better...

I can see why you need to be a Youth Minister for 10 years before you start getting a handle on all the issues!!