This article made me sick and made me feel like crying.  It's about the results of a survey about girls and their sex habbits before they turn 21.

Some quotes...
  • Only 32 per cent believed love to be an important factor before having sex.
  • Seven out of ten confessed to having had a one-night stand and a fifth had enjoyed more than five. 
  • Only 1 per cent said they would wait until marriage to have sex.
  • 39 per cent would sleep with their boss for a promotion.
  • 27 per cent would have an affair with a married man
  • 14 per cent would sleep with their best friend's partner.
  • 50 per cent admitting they have cheated on a partner - half at least twice.
I have to pray, Lord save us, and help our Christian girls make a stand in such a sexually peverse world!

I'm also thanking God that my girl has stood strong against this rotten culture because of her faith!  What a rare beauty she is!