Very sorry about the lack of posts lately. After returning from a holiday I then had about 5 days to get ready for the start of the 2009 school year. This was because I then started doing a Greek Intensive. I'm doing one semesters worth of Greek in three weeks. It's hardcore and I'm doing almost nothing but Greek every day.

During this I've also moved house. I felt pretty proud of myself as I did this on Sat 7th Feb which was the hottest day Melbourne has ever had. My excitement has been somewhat tempered since then as that was also the day of the worst bushfires Australia has ever had (the death toll is close to 200 and may rise to 300 or more). The fires affected some suburbs about 40mins away from where I live. I have friends who know people who have died, and there are a number of people at my church who don't know where some members of their family who live in the affected areas are, or who have lost friends or family or property.

Please pray for all these people. See my friend and colleague's Jono's post on the fires for someones thoughts who has been personally affected by the fires.

I have wiped tears out of my eyes a number of times this week as I've listened to stories on the radio or tv and watched people in grief with no hope...