(Apologies for the lateness of this post)

Over Summer I co-directed Summer Under the Son (SUTS) Youth Camp. This is run by CMS Victoria. We had just under 150 youth (years 7-12) and a great bunch of leaders. We also had some awesome bible study leaders in Rob Imberger and Shannon Hutchinson-Lee (Both local Melbourne Anglican Ministers). These guys gave some great talks on what it meant to follow Jesus as a young person in 2009. Because CMS is a Missionary organisation, we also had missionary sessions in the morning where youth got to hear of what some people were doing to spread the Gospel in the far flung corners of the world (from the real life missionaries who were home on break time).

We also had Justin Langer come and visit our camp! In case you don't know he used to be Australia's opening batsmen in Test Match Cricket. An absolute star and he combined with his opening partner Matthew Hayden to be one of the most successful opening batting partnerships in the history of the game. I happen to be a bit of a cricket fan, so I got pretty excited meeting him. So much so that after being all professional I ended up asking him for a photo... and here it is (proof that I've met him!)