I did a quiz the other day to determine how emergent I was... (from this site)

As the results show, I didn't get a very high emergent score. The quiz was ridiculously simple and clearly a publicity stunt to get people to find out about why two guys aren't emergent and to buy their book.

I do have a lot of issues with some emergent stuff, although to be fair, I'm not well read.

Having worked in Melbourne now for just over a year and having being exposed to some of the politics, that in my opinion cripples this church on a diocesan level, and having seen how much weight people place on labels (eg. Evangelical, Complimentarian, Egalitarian, High Church, Anglo-Catholic, Liberal, Ridley Student, Trinity Student, Traditionalist), I'm pretty much over labels... I just love Jesus and try to live a Holy Spirit empowered changed life. If you don't do that you need to and I want to encourage you to investigate the life of Jesus again.