Ages ago I wrote this post about Christians trying to avoid death at all costs. In it, I was asked to expand further on what I mean by the idea of "going to Heaven". This will in no way be a detailed theological knock down post that I could submit for my Phd on the subject, but rather a collection of my thoughts of where I'm up to in my own mind in regards to having a Biblical Christian view of the what happens when we die. It'd be great to give me your thoughts on the subject

My influences... No doubt some of what I think is influenced by a sermon series at HTD last year on Heaven and Hell (click here and then scroll down until you find the 2008 Heaven and Hell Series). Also quite a few years ago a read a book called The Nature of Hell which I found very interesting but didn't understand that much. I'd love to try and find a copy of it again to re-read.

So what do I believe? I think that I've worked out this much so far... Christians live awaiting Jesus' return when we will come to judge all people past and present. Those who have put their trust in Jesus will be saved and if they have died, they will be resurrected like Jesus was. God will then make a new earth (perhaps remake this one?) where we will live in a full and unbroken relationship with God. Here there will be no more sin and therefore no more suffering or pain or anything crap that this world has to offer. If you have chosen to ignore Jesus and therefore have continued to shun God, then you spend eternity separated from God in Hell.

That's where I'm at so far...