Today I leave Melbourne and make the long trip to Port Hedland in North West Australia.

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Port Hedland is a long way from Melbourne (if I was driving it would take me about 2.5 days of non-stop driving to get there), and even further away from my home town, Hobart. It's so amazing that two places in the same country, Hobart and Port Hedland, can exist. They are so very different in every way, culture through to climate and landscape. My point is, I guess for me it will be kinda like going overseas. I may not have that much in common with people there.

We are doing something like 8 gospel presentations in the primary schools. As well as running craft groups, mens nights, shopping centre childrens programs, sunday school, and other things. It's gonna be an intensive week. Please pray for me and for Ellisa and the rest of the mission team as we travel today, and then do mission over the next week. I might try and blog a mid-week mission update if I have time and access to a computer with internet.