Came across this free e-book by Tim Challies today called Sexual Detox (HT to Mikey). There is one for single and one for married guys.

I highly recommend it and just finished reading it. Only took me about an hour to read.

It had some pretty good things to say about sex and it's purposes and our need to focus on God and his plan and purposes for sex. As someone who sadly is coming into my upcoming marriage with sexual baggage I found it both a challenging and encouraging read. I'm thankful for God's grace to us and I pray that He will help my past not mess up my future too much!

I think the last paragraph sums up the book nicely:

The fact is, God does not give young men free passes when it comes to sin; he does not allow you to run wild for a time and just “get away with it.” Sin carries with it consequences whether you sin at eighteen or eighty. Turn from your sin today. Pursue freedom. Pursue Christ.

One thing really caught my eye when reading this book though, It relates to the quote below. Especially if you are married I'd like to know your thoughts! It seems quite a radical way of thinking about sex to me!

Even if you have no desire to have sex, have sex for your spouse’s sake. Even if neither you nor your spouse have a desire to have sex, have sex for God’s sake out of obedience to him.