So I've had this thought recently, and I thought I'd put it on my blog.

I'm a Christian because of what Jesus has done on the cross. I believe that is fact and I believe that because of what Jesus has done I am made right with God and now have the Holy Spirit growing and changing me to become more like Jesus through all the circumstances my life might throw at me.

I'm not a Christian because I see God's hand at work in powerful miracles of healing and special knowledge. I do believe that miracles and things like that happen. I know a boy involved in some of the youth stuff I do who speaks with truthfulness and sincerity about the miracles God has done in his sick little brothers life to make him well again. I don't doubt them one bit. And I am strengthened and encouraged by these awesome works of God. But I'm not a Christian because of miracles. My faith isn't dependent on God acting in miraculous ways. I'm quite comfortable with the idea God might allow much hardship in my life in order to make me more like Jesus.

So yeah, what I'm basically saying is that if our faith is not in the cross of Jesus Christ, but in the power of God to do miracles now, I'm not sure we'll be people who can go the distance on the narrow windy tough road that can be the Christian life.