I'm naturally inclined to do things that are easy but not beneficial in any way.

Things like, spending 2hrs on Facebook for no reason. Or watch crappy TV (I classify almost all tv in this category) instead of read a book or do a small simple chore or pursue a hobby or learn a new skill.

And I'm also naturally/I just am a very busy person. I'm working in ministry, studying at theological college, preparing for married life, trying to maintain a social life, trying to pick up a hobby, trying to keep fit and healthy, trying to save money, trying to learn to cook better. I also don't naturally rest or relax well, because I play on Facebook or watch crappy TV. That makes me feel even more busy because I never feel relaxed!

So I've done something radical. On Monday I moved house (that's not the radical bit) and I have not set up my TV and I do not have the internet. I'm not banned from the internet or TV I have just removed them from my home life for now. At least until the first 3 months of my married life are over.

Like Cory (who was/is fasting from TV) I hope to find many many benefits from this lack of technology.

So I pray that God would use this time of technology fasting to be a great time of learning good habits and becoming more like Jesus.