Tomorrow Ellisa and I will be beginning our Holidays which last for 3 weeks.

I'm probably not going to blog much in that time, and intend to unplug a fair bit.  Though I may tweet the occasional awesome picture that captures my holidaying moments.

On Sunday morning we're making the 10hr trip from Melbourne to Sydney.  In Sydney we're spending 4 nights at this AWESOME place which we got for a steal thanks to Wotif and with the help of a voucher we got for a wedding present.

After our 4 days in Melbourne we will meet up with my Dad who is flying up from Sydney and we will drive another 2hrs north to the Newcastle/Hunter Valley Region to visit my grandparents and extended family who I haven't seen for ages and many whom Ellisa hasn't met (Grandparents excluded as they came to our wedding!)

We'll head back to Melbourne on the Monday and have a few days in Melbourne before heading back home (for me) to Tasmania.  We're spending 6 days in Tassie and I can't wait.

After that we're back in Melbourne for the weekend and then back to work on the Monday.

I'm hoping to use the break as a chance to read lots, and think about my future.

So pray for our safe journeys and that we come back refreshed and relaxed ready for ministry here in Doncaster.