If you hang around evangelicals for long enough you will start to here things like, 'Hillsong songs are all Jesus is my boyfriend type songs'.  This critic seems to apply to any song where if you replaced the word Jesus or God you could perhaps imagine singing part or all of the song to your boyfriend/girlfriend.  For example a song might say, I love Jesus or You (clearly implying God) are my everything.

I would now like to make a radical suggestion.  At least a suggestion that is radical to my mind.  What if this so called 'Jesus is my boyfriend' critic doesn't actually reveal a shallowness in the songs lyrics but an idol in the heart of the person criticizing.  Our society is filled with false ideas about how one person (your boyfriend or girlfriend) can fulfill all your wants and desires, can make you eternally happy, will love you no matter what etc.  That's what pop culture sings about all the time (mind you actually mostly these days pop music sings not about relationship but random sex so the critic may also reveal a lack of cultural awareness?).  The critique, I can imagine singing this song to my boyfriend, might actually just mean you have bought a lie.

Jesus is the only person who can fulfill all our hopes and dreams.  Jesus is the only person who can really love us no matter what we do unconditionally forever.  It seems entirely appropriate then to replace the idol of our boyfriend/girlfriend relationships with Jesus who loved us and who we love.  That we should make Jesus the object and centre of our love, affection and desire not our boyfriend or girlfriend.  Your boyfriend is going to fail you.  Jesus will never fail you.