33752277 Help I’m a Frustrated Youth Worker by Steven L. Case has a fairly self explanatory title.  However, I was largely disappointed by this book.  Part of this I think was a clash of Australian and American culture and humour but the main thing that grated for me in this book was I felt he wrote it like he was writing to teenagers.  He made jokes in important places, lots of things were simplified and I thought more could have come from the book.


Having said this though, there were some good things in the book.  Dealing with people who always see the negative things, dealing with complaints, dealing with deciding to quit, getting fired, dealing with bad stuff (like death or divorce) and a good chapter on the end about Truths and Myths of Youth Ministry.  I also thought the chapter on complaining (pp27-34) was excellent especially the advice on how to complain to a parent about their annoying child!


However despite these many good things I think my general feeling is that this book just missed the mark and I don’t think it is a must have for Youth Workers in churches.


2 out of 5 stars!