I just did some number crunching from last years youth camp.  Almost immediately after that youth camp due to circumstances beyond our control 18 people have either finished school, left our church due to a larger family issue, were friends of that family and felt they can't come now that their friend doesn't, moved to another church because they thought it suited them better or dropped off the radar (though they sound friendly and sound like they might come when you ring and talk to them).

All of this has been beyond my control.

All of this has hurt.  Perhaps it shouldn't have.

We only had 30 people on that youth camp (which was awesome for us at the time).  18 people is over 50%

Youth Ministry always requires renewing and rebuilding.  I guess I've realised as Youth Camp comes around this year we are really in a new phase of rebuilding after the initial burst during my first 2 years.

But it hurts and its hard.