I’ve had this book sitting on my desk for months.  And it’s taken me months to read it.  Partly because I was busy and party because I just didn’t really want to read it.  I have read this book before.  8-10 years ago when it first came out.  Back then it contained a challenge for me, which I ignored.  But the truths contained in it helped me to grow closer to God in a difficult time.  This book helped me realise my value was not based on what others thought of me but on what God had done for me.

In this new version I like the two prayers in the appendixes.  One is a sort of mans prayer to pray each day.  The other is one for people dealing with sexual issues.  Both seem good to me.

As for the rest of the book I really can’t say it’s a must read, though it’s not a bad read.  I’m a little tired of the be a real man like Jesus was and watch UFC line and this book feels sometimes like it’s saying I should go hiking and fight bears to be a real man.  It’s got some good stuff in their about our identity, though that does have some draw backs.  I guess I think that men are probably a bit more complex than this book makes out.