This newish album by Matt Redman has been on constant repeat in my car and on my ipod for the last few weeks now.  And I can honestly say, it is fantastic!  I really love it.  A great worship album with plenty of songs that are totally appropriate to sing in church!

Below are a few youtube videos of some of the songs.  I really would happily have put pretty much every song on here.  This first one is great.  A good song to open a service with I think... Kinda like saying hello God we're here to praise you in this place today!

Then there is this great slow hymn like song (the title track)

And finally, this song about how God never leaves us alone even when it gets tough (this one is a live video of him actually singing it)

So I say thanks to Matt Redman for blessing the church with musically and lyrically good songs for singing as a congregation!  Sadly that is rare!