So this Sunday just gone marked my final sunday as the Youth Pastor at Holy Trinity Doncaster.  It means that I'm now two days into not being a Youth Pastor of a church.  It is a bit of a strange feeling.  I've learnt so much about God, myself, ministry, leadership, time management, motivation, situation depression, marriage, practical theology, youth ministry and a whole lot more over the last four years.  It's been a time of emotional highs and lows and we're looking forward to taking some time to sit and reflect as we work out the next step.

We've got a bit of a holiday planned now (I'm currently on the lovely Phillip Island about 2hrs south of Melbourne).  We then head to Tassie for three weeks of holidays mixed with some ministry.  The ministry part will be preaching two sermons on New Years Day and then speaking on a 5 day youth camp about two weeks after that.  These are both at my old/home church.  So I'm very much looking forward to heading back there to share with them as well as spending time with the extended family and catching up with old friends.  It's a nice bracket to the end of my time at HTD, to return to the place where my passion for ministry was first kindled!

After the summer break I start full time study at Ridley with a hopefully not too nasty three week Hebrew intensive.  Followed by my first ever full time semester of theological study.  While I'm at that I'll also be making some big decisions about my future and what ministry options might look like for us in the future. Pray for God's wisdom and guidance for us would be much appreciated.