So it seems that the past week and weekend has been particularly prolific on the pro same-sex marriage front with marches and all sorts of things happening.

On Sunday we found out about a group of doctors who have come out and said that it's bad for families.  Predictably we're told by others that this is wrong.  Either way there is more to marriage than children so I'm unsure of why we keep making marriage about children in this debate.  The debate will be won or lost on the issues of 'equality' and 'love'.  It has nothing to do with children essentially.  I even heard Penny Wong on QandA on Monday night rightly tell Joe Hockey that making marriage about children was dumb as people have kids without marriage.

Anyway, I noticed in this group of doctors was a prominent Victorian psychiatrist Dr George.  She happens to be on the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission.  She has now said she is not in favour of same-sex marriage.  This is former AMA chief Karen Phelps response:
Gay rights activist and former AMA president Kerryn Phelps said Dr George's position on the board of the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission should be reviewed
Essentially the argument goes, Dr George does not support same-sex marriage.  Therefore she can no longer be on the Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission because same-sex marriage is a right. And this debate is about 'equality'.  Which leads me to the title of my post.  I suspect in the next few years when the same-sex marriage bill is passed if you are opposed to it will essentially be like saying, 'all black people are stupid'.  Or something like that.  That is just like (rightly so I might add) we have moved against racism so we will move against 'homophobia', which will equal not being pro-homosexuality, especially same-sex marriage.

So what to do about this?  Well on one level what we're debating at the moment is the definition of a word.  The word is marriage.  At the heart of the debate is 'equality' in the law.  I still maintain that the best way forward is for the marriage act to be completely amended and renamed the 'civil union' act.  Then at law my marriage becomes a 'civil union' with all the same rights and benefits afforded to me from my marriage.  Then if I want to say I'm married.  Then I simply go to my church and have a religious service.  So at law I am civil-unioned.  On a religious level I'm married.  This would seem to be the option that makes everyone happy.  We all get equality and marriage is not redefined.

Failing this, which I think is likely, then Christians have lost their claim to the word marriage.  Marriage will come to mean, not a God ordained way of being, but a secular legal way of being.  In this case we will need to think about a new word to use that describes what we currently call marriage.  One man and woman united together for life.  Perhaps wedded or christian marriage or something.