6 ways to live evangelistically

(via Ed Stetzer, via Mikey Lynch)

  1. Look at people with eternity in mind. We need to see them as God does and care for them like it counts.

  2. Show some hospitality. Believers should be the people that everyone else wants to be around. Remember, you're the ambassador for Christ so get into the lives of people living outside the kingdom.

  3. Watch for a chance to serve. People give away all of their energy on family, work, and menial chores. Look for ways that you can care for your neighbors--even if it is just cooking a simple dinner for them.

  4. Visit someone new. Look around and find someone who needs a friend. Maybe it's visiting in a nursing home or rocking babies in the NICU. Make your days count with people who feel they don't.

  5. Whatever you do, don't do it alone! Take your family, your small group, or the whole church. And be sure to take the kids. They're ready to change the world, so let them.

  6. Love like Jesus. He lived a robust life of caring for the lost. He did it by meeting their needs and telling them the truth.