Matt Perman over at his blog has been reading through a book called Sticky Teams.  It seems to have some great insights and I particularly liked two of his posts.

The first was about "no theys".  That is the leadership of the church decided that they would no longer listen to the so called annonomus group of people in the church called "they".  This is a classic reason I think church leaders can avoid making changes.  Because "they" won't like it.  But who are "they"?  Often we don't know, or "they" turn out not to be as big or bad as we thought.  It's good advice!

The other post was about how getting 'buy in' from people is not always needed and can waste time and stop innovation.  Sometimes all we need is permission.  I liked the way he differentiates between 'buy in' and 'permission'.  It's I think a subtle but very helpful difference!

Check out the posts and have a look round his blog while you're there.