A month or so ago I posted about a model who was going around speaking about modesty.

Then the other day I came across this post on the Worship Matters blog about addressing Modesty in church.

Whilst that post is specifically about modesty in a worship band context, the topic is a hot one for Youth Ministry as well.  As youth wear what leaders wear.  Especially the girls.  I think that's partly because of the role model thing and partly because of culture.  For example when I moved up to Melbourne from Tassie I was decked out in Polar Fleece jumpers and other sort of outdoorsy type clothing because that was the culture of our church, and Hobart.  But in Melbourne I find myself wearing jackets and more city type clothing cause that is the culture here.

So people in churches and youth ministries tend to dress similarly and it's important that we do so in a modesty way.