I ought do some sort of New Years Resolution type thing as has been my tradition the last couple of years on my blog. See my 2008 resolutions here and my 2007 resolutions here).

So at the start of 2008 I aimed to:
  • Learn how to use my time more effectively
  • Do some more exercise
  • Spend more time regularly in prayer and reading my bible
  • Enjoy my new life in Melbourne
So how did I go?  Well, I think I have become a far more effective time manager (especially since the purchase of my new phone).  I've done some exercise, although I still need to do more.  I've found it challenging to balance using the bible as an Academic text book (the thing I study at college) and as a major tool at work (writing bible studies etc.) with keeping it as the thing that feeds and nurtures my personal relationship with God.  Finally, I've certainly enjoyed my new life in Melbourne.  Whilst there are some things that are/have been difficult (like not really have a long shared history with anyone) I've met some great people and made some great friends that I'm sure will be life-long friends!

So what do I aim for in 2009?  I'm unsure...  My reflection is that I need to make specific goals and I need to have a plan for achieving them.  Generally speaking I want to get better at one thing this year.  Turning vision and dreams into reality.  Whether that be in my personal life or my ministry.  I'm good at dreaming up a big picture, but often I can fail to look over those things again until it is too late.  Things tend to happen more by accident than by deliberate action on my behalf.  In 2009, I want to make plans that are detailed.  Then I want to review them at least bi-weekly in order to see how I'm going.  I want to get better at making systems that work for me not against me!